Reflection Paper On Self Improvement

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Being healthy is incredibly hard in the modern society filled with stress, however, keeping up with a yoga routine can help you. Yoga is an amazing tool for focusing, reducing stress, improving your sleep, and simply making you happier. Only one hour of yoga can make dramatic changes in your mind and perception. Since, I always feel extremely stressful because of the variety of factors, such as college, parents, and friends, for me yoga is an entrance to calmness. For example, because of too much stress, I became angrier and disaffected. This affects not only me but people around me: my family and my friends. Therefore, I personally want to attend yoga classes at least two times a week, to help myself feel better, mentally and physically. As a student, I decided to take this amazing chance, that will make me healthier and generally better.
Impact others:
A different example is always contagious, whether it is good or bad. If people around you, start doing a variety of things, including eating healthy or smoking, you will follow them as an example, it is like “tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.” As soon as I shared the idea of attending yoga classes to my mom, and explained the benefits of it, she started to think about going too. After a few days, my mom told me that she is going with a friend to the yoga classes on the beach. The same happened with my friends. They also started to think about changing something in…

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