Prothero Discussion Questions

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1. Why did you choose to watch, listen, and write about this particular presentation or lecture? Was there anything about this topic that is especially interesting to you? If so, what?
This lecture intrigued me, because I have always pondered the question whether or not the God I believe in is the same as others’. In essence, I always believed different religions worshiped the same God but with a different name. Prothero advocates that if we continue to tell people one religion’s God is the same as the other’s God, we may be in trouble. Additionally, Prothero’s presentation struck me, because I believe very strongly in tolerance for all genders, religions, racial and ethnic groups, and cultures. This world is beautiful because of the diversity it’s made of. I will never understand the cruel ignorance some people have when they begin to listen and talk about a different religion or culture. People easily jump to conclusions and classify certain groups unjustly. For this reason, I think Prothero’s proposition to accept people all around us as uniquely, beautifully, and wonderfully different in the midst of extremism around the
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He questions what the relevance of theology would be if all religions believed in the same God. This is an interesting point. Because, really, theology would not exist if the God of Catholicism was the same as the many gods of Hinduism. Prothero’s stance opens the mind to begin to understand the need for tolerance, especially in a world struck with war and terror. In fact, many wars stem from religious and cultural intolerance. It leads one to wonder, if people began to recognize different religions as beautifully unique, wars would not exist. Based on Prothero’s stance, I think he would support this statement. I think there is a lot of power and truth behind Prothero’s

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