Reflection Paper On Lectio Divina Group

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This reflection paper captures the essence of my learning and integration from the daily group experience in Lectio Divina during the course, “Finding Your Way: Principles of Spiritual Direction” course held at the Queen of Apostles Renewal Center in Mississauga. I came to the course with my objective to discern my path forward - whether to pursue as Spiritual Director. I struggled before the course for decision and I hoped that I could find my answer after finishing the course. I also hoped that the Lectio Divina Group could facilitate a very rich and deeply personal sharing of souls. I was assigned to lead the first session of the Lectio Divina Group. I understood that the hearing of God’s voice through the Scripture required an …show more content…
The course provided me with the chance to learn to live in the community to hear the voices of God as the group. I was assigned to a group with Ann, May and Sue. I prayed earnestly that God would speak to each of us because I was concerned that we might not be getting the best out of the group session as we did not know one another before the course. During the sessions I noted that we had different styles, our own struggles and pains. These sisters came from different Protestant traditions, lived in different countries before and had different family struggles and some of them were divorced as well. The first session did not go well as what I expected as a group to be more open to the words of God. I thought I had to learn to be patient as I was a quick tempered person. The next few sessions came with all of us experiencing God’s voices and each one shared what each received. I appreciated the moments at the Lectio Divina group sessions that everyone touched by God’s word and shared individual concerns and struggles. Some of us experienced healing from God. I was grateful that everyone heard from God directly. I recognized that I needed to learn not to fix any issues as the sessions were not the venues to provide directions or solutions to individual situations. I remembered a book mentioned that we were just like the midwives who waited patiently with the others until they heard the voice of God to address their own issues. I enjoyed the moment that as a group we prayed for each other and provided mutual support. I was sure God was with us in the group session. I needed to learn to be patient and wait for God’s

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