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For my service learning experience I decided to work with my grandfather. Gary Peters is a Caucasian male and is seventy three years old. I selected my grandfather for this project, I never took the time to sit down to talk about what he remembers from the past and what he comprehends about today. He suffers from a stroke that took place eight years ago, as a result, he has short term memory loss. Now that old age in coming into play I have noticed that his memory is getting worse. So far I have completed six hours with my grandfather which has allowed me to absorb so much that I have not taken the time to notice.

Before going to meet with my grandfather I had no idea what I wanted to say to him. I became curious to know more about what exactly
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It was interesting to see how he reacted towards it, he apologizes for not remembering certain conversations. He is cognitively aware that he is forgetful, over the years it has been declining and I do not think he realizes how bad. Prior to this project when I would see him, he would continuously ask me the same questions repeatedly, this is when I recognized that he was getting worse. For an example of his memory, he did not remember his birthday, every time he was wished a happy birthday he would be like, “oh yeah almost forgot”. Being away for a while and coming home to see him for this project has opened my eyes to his cognitive decline.
I have a little sister who is six years old and was born shortly after his stroke. It is impressive that he remembers her name but when it comes to dates and events, he just doesn’t remember. Watching my little sister and my grandfather react can be stressful, my little sister is very sassy and they tend to argue. Although he should know that it is not worth arguing with a six year old, he still argues back hoping she will listen. Also he is not used to younger kids being around so often, forgetting how to react to younger
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My grandfather has had bad eye sight since his early years. My grandfather is still able to do activities of daily living because he is completely functioning with walking, eating. When it comes to Instrumental activities of daily living my grandmother manages the check book and normally handles the big responsivities and if she is unable to do it they pay someone to help. They are also aging in place because they have lived in the same house for the majority of their life and we all grew up in that

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