Sugar Bowl Poem

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There are two authors that really connect with readers, Steve Pacheco and Trevino Brings. While not every reader will have gone through lives like their own, both men draw the readers into their stories and make them relatable and inspiring.
Steve Pacheco is a Native American Poet. The way he finds a way to incorporate political aspects into his poems without sounding as though he his standing on a soap box. Another aspect that he integrates in his works is nature. In his poem “Sugar Bowl” Pacheco looks at the health of the Native Americans by describing interactions in his family. This poem is a free verse poem and is written in prose form. He uses roman numerals to separate the stanzas. Pacheco uses repetition to set some rhythm in the poem but he does it in such a way that does not create any fat in the language. Pacheco also creates a sense of humor and affection. In the fifth stanza he talks about how when watching the Vikings football his uncle, who only had three fingers, would say “Alright nephew! Gimme me three.” (Sugar 32). Pacheco and his mother would go back and forth about watching each other’s health. Another poem by Pacheco is “Her Belly” which is a love poem to his pregnant wife. This poem is a free verse couplet.
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As his grandfather starts to regain the function, Brings starts assisting in teach him how to speak again. Years before the surgery, his grandfather had made tapes of himself speaking in the Lakota language. Brings talks about all the memories his grandfather doesn’t not remember. It brings up and interesting delemia; Does he remind his grandfather of all the memories? What about the painful ones? For example, one memory brought up was how his grandfather’s brother died. He had drowned and his brothers watched unable to do anything. Does Brings try and remind grandfather of this or let him

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