Reflection Paper On Global Warming

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Reflection Paper on Global Warming

Rising sea levels that threaten coastal cities and islands, killer storms that cause billions in damage, massive crop failures that threaten hunger and drive up global food prices, extinction of species and the destruction of coral reefs; these are just a few of the harsh consequences of runaway global warming. These threats are painted starkly in the movie, Before the Flood, as well as in Bill McKibben 's articles "Global Warming 's Terrifying New Math" and "How Close to Catastrophe". Both a warning that we may be too close to the precipice to reverse our course and a call to action to keep trying, these films brought me out of my comfort zone and forced me to confront the realities of our current situation. These pieces have opened my eyes to both the severity of the global environmental crisis and realistic courses of action that could actually create a difference. While not a climate change denier, per se, it 's safe to say that up until now I was a committed climate change "ignorer". I, like many other people, justified not paying attention to this issue by saying that individual lifestyle changes were not enough to make any sort of dent in the rampant outpouring of carbon into our atmosphere, and this likely remains true. Now, however, through Leonardo DiCaprio 's impassioned plea as well as McKibben 's cold equations, I realize the severity of the issue, and find is impossible to continue to do so. Having been exposed…

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