Structural Functional Theory: A Theoretical Analysis Of Culture

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Culture is known as a diverse way of living in a society, with special practices of values, believes and practices. Culture does not only apply to the emotional side of people but also to the physical aspect of living life. It is a way of identifying and understanding the ways of people in their natural state. Culture is expressed by every individual all over the world, range from kid’s teens, adults, senior citizens, both on the male and female side. Culture is not something that is not learned by once on self, but from the elders who influence the younger generation. Even in this way of teaching the younger generation about their cultural being, a change happens, some things are passed on while other are not. This gives that cultures is changed and influenced in many different ways. Culture can also be known as the quality of being a human, curtain requirements are required in order to be a part of the cultural group. This can not only mean physically but also financially, and economic class. In the video that I watched many examples of culture and humanity where shown. Different people different cultures fall into different level of living upper, middle, and lower class are all examples of culture …show more content…
The structural functional theory views society as a complex and interconnected system. An example of this would be a platoon of soldiers. A platoon comprises of 18 men, divided into 2 section consisting of 8 men each. Even in all the break down each individual man has his own job, in the end they all work together to get one major job done. In this same way culture is encouraged to work together to prosper. Social conflict theory only benefits is about inequality, and due to that only some members of the society benefits, an example of this is private education, only some people who can afford this, will gain

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