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Russia is one of the strongest nations of the world. It has a long cultural, trational and military history. After disintegration of Soviet Union, Russia has been preserving its unique cultural and traditional identity very effectively. It has progressed a lot in the fields of science and technology, defence and military, and economy using its particular strategic geographical location. In this paper we will discuss Russia’s culture, its characteristics, terrain, communication lines and weather while doing ASCOPE analysis.

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Let us discuss ‘what is culture?’ first. Culture can be defined as the shared patterns of the interactions and behaviors, emotional understanding and cognitive constructions that learned from the socialization
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However, main five characteristics of every culture can be religion, language, cuisine, social habits and music and arts. In the present essay, we are discussing the Russian culture, its common characteristics, its weather analysis, military conflicts, history, civil consideration and people of that society.
Russia has strong and long cultural history, immersed in painting, literature, ballet and classical music. Though people who are not aware of its culture may consider it a drab, but Russia has a visual cultural past, from its sumptuous religious symbols to the colorful traditions. Russian culture is also quite rich and very amazing to see its colorful folk costumes and its religious symbols. Russian matryoshka or nesting dolls are normally are painted to portray smiling Russian woman covered in lace shawls. They are very famous souvenirs for those travelers who visit Russia. In contrary to 25th December, Christmas in Russia is celebrated on January 7, following Orthodox calendar. January 1st, New Year 's Day, come before the Russian Christmas and is celebrated with the more significant holiday. In the Russian culture influence of the culture of Western Europe is also quiet very evident due to the historic two-centuries cultural development during the time of Peter the Great. Russia has also a great literary culture. Theatre or live performances is vastly liked in Russia.
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There are several leading companies that are working worldwide. Moscow is famous for promoting its urban culture in the entire Russia and across the world. Leon Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoevsky are famous as the Russian literature writers and they are still read throughout the world. Similarly, the nesting dolls are the well-known symbol of the Russia, these sets of dolls are consisted of a wooden figure, six and more dolls are nested into one another.

On the other hand, the suburban culture of Russia is quite similar to the Paris suburban culture. Many independent brands like Standard Deviation and Forget Me Not are chosen in the entire world. In the suburban places, all of the buildings have same structure either it has four stories or 8 stories. Due to this similar construction, it is difficult to distinguish homes as all have identical structure.

The geography of Russia is divided into the vast territory of five natural zones, the taiga, the tundra, the steppe or plain, the mountain and arid zone. Most of the Russia is based on the two plains that are known as West Siberian Plain and the East European Plain, two lands that are known as the Kolyma and the North Siberian Plain that are far from the northeastern Siberian, two plateaus such as the Lena Plateau and the Central Siberian Plateau and a huge series of mountain areas that is concentrated in the highest extreme northeast that extends along with

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