Reflection Paper On Being A Manager

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Register to read the introduction… Some crucial skills that are needed in managers are to be inspired in your job so that you are self-motivated to work hard and also to make you aspire to do your best at the job you’re doing, you also need to be confident, learn from mistakes, and realize that just because you are the manager does not mean that you cannot learn from your employees that your leading. With a good skill set and the knowledge of how to manage people in a workplace I believe that no goal set is unattainable because you are essentially ready in all situations. I think that if I was a manager I would be able to successfully attract, select, motivate, and retain a group of employees without a problem because as a manager I believe that I have all the right skills necessary for attracting employees to the company be being trustworthy, confident, reliable, and a good employer in general. I am also able to pick up on individuals strengths and weaknesses when it comes to selecting employees for jobs and their positions, as well as being able to motivate them when employees are productive and with all of my skills in leadership and being a good manager overall I would be able to easily retain my employees because they would enjoy their work. Those are the reasons that I think I can become a successful manager and easily attract, select, …show more content…
Motivation can be anything from a physical pat on the back to a compliment that someone gives in order for a person to realize their potential and work harder. The purpose of motivating someone is too get them to either keep up the hard work or it’s too get them to work harder because they are not as productive as the manager would like them to be. According to a recent study ``55% of employees are not motivated by getting a new title if it comes with the same salary as they had before but 88% of employees say that they become much more motivated when a possible increase in salary is introduced to them as a form as motivation``. Even though money has proven to be the most successful when it comes to motivating employees there are other ways that have proved to be successful when it comes to motivating employees such as giving them things that they have hinted too previously other than an increase in salary, such as; longer hours, particular days off, a new office, or a chance to complete more challenging work to show their intelligence. If I were a manager I would definitely take what the study said into consideration because motivation is something that can lead to employees becoming more productive which can lead to overall success in the company or it can lead to things getting worse or staying the same. The situations that I think would require motivation would be if a usual hard worker is slacking, if someone is doing and amazing job and without rewarding them completely you can motivate them with kind words to keep up the work, or if you want someone to do a job that could be unfavourable or tedious. Some examples of motivation that I think would be effective in the workplace could be to help would be verbal recognition, making promises for the future, and working in the employee’s best interest.

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