Reflection On The Field Experience Essay

1353 Words Nov 17th, 2015 null Page
This reflection will be in response to the field experience that was completed on the 12th of November, 2015 by Matthew Daykin. For my High School field experience, I attended Palmetto Ridge High School and observed both Mrs. Zacher’s ninth grade English class and Mrs. Reid’s ninth grade Science and Math classes. Palmetto Ridge High School (A.K.A. “The Ridge”) is a grade 9-12 school located in Naples, Florida. The Ridge has a total of 1,865 students; 46.33% of the students are listed as identifying as White, 7.29% are listed as identifying as Black, 40.8% of the students identify as Hispanic, 1.39% of the students identify as Asian, 2.63% identify as Indian, 1.29% identify as Multi-Racial, while only 0.27% identify as Hawaiian or Pacific Islander (“Palmetto Ridge High (PRH) School”, 2015). I believe my first lesson during this field experience came about a week before I actually completed my field experience at this location. On the previous Tuesday (November 3rd, 2015), I accidentally mixed up the dates of my High School and Middle School field experience and drove all the way down to The Ridge on the wrong date and at the wrong time. This taught me to thoroughly check my schedule the night before something important. Had I gone back and made sure I knew which school I was supposed to go to on the next day, I would have not wasted a 45-minute drive (one way) on that early Tuesday morning. So after a week of waiting and a double check or 2, I finally made it to The Ridge…

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