Essay On Creative Brain And Memory

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The Creative Brain and Memory The brain has so many different functions to it. Neuroscientists are studying the functions of these brains using modern day technology. Some neuroscientists are explaining what they learned about the brain in the "Meet your mind" series. I recently watched two segments of this series. I watched the segment on Memory and Forgetting, and the segment on The Creative Brain. In this essay I will describe what I learned from the segments. The first segment I watched was the one about the brains creativity. During this segment they had a few guest speakers. The two guest speakers that really stuck out to me were Alpher Sax and Rex Young. Alpher Sax is a neuroscientist who mainly studies brain disorders and has written many books about it. He mainly focused on music and how people …show more content…
She said that people look at memory different today than they did back in the day.When you have a new experience or learn something the information has to be stored. When you recall a memory you have to consolidate it again, It 's like calling a file. When you call a file your constantly updating the file It 's like cropping or tweaking the file. The files in your brain are edited and tweaked. The new memory therapists say if you can find a way to forget a bad memory it won 't bother you anymore. They give people who are suffering from trauma drugs that relieve stress and ask them to recall the bad memory again.This will allow the patient to alter the bad memory so they can move on from it. They can not forget the memory though. Just like all the other topics we also discussed this topic in class. In class we talked about how we memorize something and how we can alter our memory. The book also talks about this. What she talked about is basically the storage and retrieval part of the encoding,storage and retrieval

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