Reflection On Strengths And Weaknesses In Mathematics

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Mathematics, it is a subject in which I feel confident and competent in completing, yet I acknowledge that there is still a lot of room for improvement in. I have always felt reasonably confident in my math’s skills, but I believe that past experiences throughout my schooling may have caused some of my weaknesses that I still have in mathematics today. Such as attending a mathematics class in which was taken by a teacher who I did not get along with very well, thus affecting my attitudes towards learning in that classroom and negatively affecting my math’s skills. The Mathematics Competency Test (MCT) and Disposition surveys, I believe, are reasonably accurate reflections of my abilities and attitudes surrounding mathematics.
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The majority of the areas shown as weaknesses I agree with, except I believe I am good at reading, writing and adding whole numbers. I believe the strengths and weaknesses identified to me by MyMathLab (REFERENCE) are reasonably accurate as the Mathematics Competency Test covers a large range of areas within mathematics, yet I also acknowledge that there are not as many strengths identified by the way of mastery as there is still areas/mathematical problems that have not been covered. I am unsure as to why reading, writing and adding whole numbers have been shown as a weakness, as I would regard them as one of my strengths within mathematics. I can only assume I got a question wrong that lies within this area, which reflects that it can still become more consistent and it still needs constant revising or practicing. All the other weaknesses pointed out to me by MyMathLab(REFERENCE) I believe are correct as I would personally point them out as weaknesses. Yet I would also include triangles, circles and volume and surface area to the list of my weaknesses as these are areas that I have been inconsistent in and previously

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