Reflection On Social Construction Of Gender

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I’ll first like to mention, how thankful I am to go to a liberal art college and to be able to take a gender course. I went in the course thinking that I would have to change my opinions on certain topics just to earn a good grade but it wasn’t like that. In the classroom, I felt safe to have opinions and during the group discussions to voice my thoughts. I enjoyed to hear the different perspectives from my professor and peers, it helped me adjust my ideas. Another thing I appreciated was that my peers were very open to the problems that occurred in the past and that still occurs today. Also I thought I knew what it meant to be feminist, but earned a clear idea of what it really means.
Social Construction of Gender:
When it comes to social construction, I had no clue what it meant. In class we broke down the meaning of social construction. How the society and culture has an influence and creates these gender. Society overall has created the gender roles and gender expressions that we are commonly use to and that
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In every section, intersectionality has a share. For example, in our first topic discussed was the women’s movement. During the feminist movement, specifically in the first wave, the goal was to gain equality in rights that men have. The only problem was that during that wave, white middle class women were looking out for each other and the African American community were not included. This shows that African American women were oppressed. During the second wave, African American were included but the other groups that such as the lower class, LGBTQ community, and other women of color were not included. I found it funny how overall the goal was to gain the rights and equality, but the movement started off in the wrong direction. They excluded members for being from a different race, class, and different sexuality to have the same equality as them, just how the men

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