Necessity Of Redemption

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Through Christ we are saved by His atonement, His redemptive works are our best exemplar to do good will. Christ discipleship and His obedience change our way to see how redemption is truly a God’s grace. It’s impossible for ordinary human being such as us became blameless, we always been sin since the fall of our first parent. None of us human ever seeks God, our acts are all worthless and it never been right (Romans 3:10-12). That’s why Christ redemptive works are our great exemplar to do right things, but still we need Holy Spirit to help lead us and align our way to righteous path. We need agreement to help us understand range of redemption. First, this chapter will specifically discuss about Reform point of view of redemption, then we …show more content…
Five points of Calvinism according Slick (2014) those …show more content…
Therefore, we need someone who is perfect and sinless to give exemplar to us. On the other side, we could only posse non peccare with help of Holy Spirit. Holy spirit only come when we accept Christ, then our life, our act should be the living sacrifice to God (Romans 12:1).
Murray (1989) stated, “Divinely appropriate that the Father in bringing many sons unto glory should make the captain of their salvation perfect through sufferings and that it behooved the Saviour himself to be made in all things like unto his brethren” (p.13). Christ’s atonement should be done because Christ should be the first and lifted among us to give salvation (John 3:14) so whoever believes in Him, Holy Spirit will come to their heart and make them repentance. The point is we are redeemed by His act and by His act only because He’s the one who will lead us through Holy Spirit, so we can receive God that makes us posse non

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