Reflection On Problem Solvers For A Week Nine

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Reflection for Week Nine During week nine, much of the focus was teaching students how to be problem solvers in preparation of beginning guided math stations and adjusting the procedures and the current methods used for our reading stations. In hopes of making this an exciting responsibility that students eagerly wanted to participate in, I created “Problem Solver” badges for one person in each group to wear during stations. On Monday, students were introduced to the “Problem Solver” badge and one person was chosen to be the group problem solver for the week. As a group we discussed the roles of the problem solver and the characteristics needed to wear the “Problem Solver” badge. I took special precaution when planning the stations and …show more content…
During this process there were many “businesses” set up throughout the halls for the families to visit. For example, there was a Social Security Office (many other offices similar to the SSO), a bank, a pawn shop, a quick cash loan office, a grocery store, a school, a place of employment, and a jail. While trying to work through the processes and the many pieces of paper work required per need at the government offices, I quickly realized how difficult and time consuming it is for people who really need the services provided by our state to supplement their earning to provide for their families. The people who were working at each “business” took on the normal role and attitudes of the people who are paid to serve those in need at each agency. This was very frustrating since no matter which way you turned there was a form that you needed that you did not have, a document that was not signed correctly, or a small detail was missing and no one representing the agency was very willing to help the people work their way through the red tape. By the end of the month, my family had been evicted

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