Reflection Of Sexua A Disabilities

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There are so many different kinds of people in the world. Its important for everyone to start accepting everyone for who they are. The gay community has come such a long way in the US. Yet some people still don’t feel safe because of who they find attractive. There are people who suffer from mental disorders, but because you can’t see the disorder, people assume its fake. But when someone has a disability, like being blind, the tend to label the person by their disability and they can’t live an equal life. There are people on the world who don’t take care of their children and need other people to come and help. Learning about other people’s experiences help me understand who they are. It’s a way to learn and accept other people who don’t life the same life as you. …show more content…
I plan on having a minor in special education and this lecture gave me a lot of information about blindness and disability. Without knowing that I am doing it, I tend to label people by what I see or know about them. I caught my self doing it while I was even explaining this lecture to a friend. Just because someone is blind, doesn’t mean that they should be known as “that blind lady”. Instead I should be focusing on who this person is and putting them first. I thought it was crazy how in the past they treated people with disabilities like animals. I am glad that the world is learning to accept and treat people with disabilities better. Although it is still perfect. Medical world is trying to “fix” the problem of disabilities. I don’t think there is much to fix, people learn to adapt to their disabilities and there are a lot of people who have one. Its part of your life and who you are. I think its important to treat the person with a disability and help them live a health wonderful life. People with disabilities are not broken, there isn’t anything that makes them less of a human. They deserve the same rights and access as anyone

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