Reflection Of Michelangelo's David

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Michelangelo’s David is a Marble Statue of the Biblical figure, David, in the nude, posed as if he were contemplating something. It was sculpted in 1501-1504 and is about 4.08 meters tall and is located in the Gallery of the Academy in Florence, Italy. Donatello’s David is a bronze statue of the same biblical figure, but, this sculpture has a hat and boots, and is holding sword in his right hand, blade to the ground whilst he steps on the decapitated head of Goliath. This was sculpted in 1430-1432 and is 159 centimeters tall. It is located in the National Museum in Florence, Italy.
Michelangelo’s David is standing upright with a stance with somewhat of a form of contrapposto, and his left leg is not positioned solidly one the ground. The overall
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The statue uses a lot of of curved lines to bring out the appearance of muscles within the statue. A lot of indentations within the torso make the shape of rectangles or squares, to make up the shape of the abdominal muscles, obliques and pectoralis major to interpret David as that of a man with an idealistic athletic build. Almost all muscles within his body is etched to be representative to shape to make the most of the representation of an athletic build. The statue has a rather strong emphasis on the form of the muscles, as they are one of the most prominent parts of the …show more content…
Any part of the statue that shows skin is much smoother than any other part of the piece with the exception of the blade of the sword, which is also rather smooth. Up to the point where there seems to be a glossy luster on the statue. The texture of the severed head that David is stepping on is much rougher and has more textures than just smooth, with the beard having a wavy texture and the helmet’s decoration also has an unsmooth texture. The feathers or leaves that wrap around the base of statue also provide rough texture that contrasts against the smoothness of David’s skin. The hair that drapes down David’s head also has a wavy texture that is similar to that of the texture of the beard of the severed head. The hat and circlet on that hat is also unsmooth. The difference in textures maybe utilized to put emphasis on the main subject, which may be David’s body or David himself, and provide a form of balance with David’s body being so smooth.
The proportions that Donatello’s David presents are also good. There does not seem to have any flaws, and the style is more realistic than idealistic. The lines that are used on the on the body are used to put emphasis on the leanness of it. The lines on the body are primarily curved and flowing, since the body is rather smooth and is in a somewhat relaxed pose. The sword on the other hand has primarily straight lines, perhaps to create a sharp feeling and it might be straight instead of curved to contrast

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