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The Review of Dark Souls 3 With visible shaking hands I hold the controller like a grenade as sweat drips down fearing for my life. If you enjoyed the first two Dark souls than Dark souls 3 is bound to make your wish list. As of the release, Dark Souls 3 has climbed to be the best rated game of the year. In a game that combines a huge map with astonishing graphics is a huge tier to cross in the RPG gameplay. In my odyssey I was constantly meet with death and destruction while dancing with bosses to postpone my inevitable outcome of one of us will die. In playing Dark Souls 3 like every other game is how well the graphics are. Over time technology has gotten better to make the games nowadays seem life like. As a matter of fact, I play on a PC which is the most optimal device …show more content…
In Dark Souls 3 the first route may not be the best route to take. It does give you the opportunity to have a different experience than others playing the game which is a pro so you don’t get bored of the game. In the end, some routes are a have to cause I spends hours trying to defeat a boss and on the eleventh time I took a different path to find a minion wearing the armor that was needed to beat the boss. Also throughout the game are puzzles that need to be solved to get to the next area that don’t immediately come to the mind. You have to pay attention to clues while traveling to use in future events or you will find back pacing to find the hidden messages. In conclusion Dark Souls 3 has proved to still be the stunning bleak journey with one of the best battle systems in gaming. With a price tag of sixty dollars it can be a little steep but worth a soul it in the end. While changes in the land does not flow smoothly as others, Dark Souls 3 is the game the true deserves the status of best game of the

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