Reflection Journal: Grant Wiggins

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Reflection Journal: Grant Wiggins
“Do you think he is superior to you?’ I asked him. ‘Of course,’ he said. ‘Don't you?’ ‘No,’ I said. ‘Just stay here long enough,’ he said. ‘He'll make you the nigger you were born to be." (Page 65)
Matthew Antoine’s conversations with Grant are the cause of Grant’s cynical attitude. Before leaving to college: their one chance since there is no freedom in the quarter is flight. When he returned, a retired teacher who claims he should have left told him that his time spent teaching was a waste. Being a mulatto, Matthew had lighter skin than many, but he was cold, hates himself and Grant with all his being, and does not try to hide it. Along with his aunt, anyone who wants him to submit to the white men only prove
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The injustice behind Reverends’ way of life caused this change of heart. Before, Grant believed that there is no other world, so God must be cruel. He believed that he was strong, that he had the right path, that he was educated, and that lying is a weakness, so he claimed that he would not lie. The way that the Reverend lives, he causes himself a lot of pain while bringing peace of mind to others, something not everyone can do.

" You're one great teacher, Grant Wiggins,’ he said...’ Yes, I'm lucky,’ I said. ‘Some of us are.’ ...’ Irene Cole told the class to rise, with their shoulders back. I went up to the desk and turn to face them. I was crying." (Pages 254-256)
Grant believed that he would embarrass Jefferson. Paul, a white man who has become quite close with Grant shows him that with all the injustice in the world, there must be strong people whether they are colored or not. He also knows that everyone’s strengths are not the same. Reminded of how Jefferson spoke badly of Vivian and later apologized, Grant was moved. Crying in front of his class shows that he is ready to accept a new methodology, and tell people he is not the strongest or most educated, and that Jefferson was the strongest man in that

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