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Ovarian cyst is a common and usually spontaneously resolves. However, the complications that it can bring would impact largely on a patient’s life and their fertility. The patient in this assignment 40-year-old female that came in with eight-day history of menorrhagia with 10cm clots associated with cramping, bloating, dizziness, nausea, fatigue and palpitations. It was found that the patient has a right simple ovarian cyst.

List A: Ovarian cysts pathology and their clinical manifestations

An ovarian cyst can be a functional ovarian cyst, a benign/malignant neoplastic ovarian cyst, or a teratoma. A malignant ovarian cyst is however a rare occurrence. Ovarian cyst can be hemorrhagic if a blood vessel is involved. Ovarian cyst can be grouped histologically: epithelial-stromal tumors, germ cell tumors and sex cord-stromal tumors. Out of the benign ovarian cyst, serous cyst,
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Within this course we are thrown into a new environment where we have to adapt and learn. As a male student coming from a fairly conservative country, women’s health is full of obstacles. I learnt that pregnancy is a beautiful process where life comes to be and it can be quite challenging to engage with patients that are easily stressed by health issues that could impact them or their fetuses. I realized the importance of phrasing words correctly in order to avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary stress for the patients.

Another difficulty was the fact that the learning of the examination taught to us in this course, the vaginal examination and pap smear, was taught through mannequins. There’s a solid reason for it however, without actual experience it was hard to practice the techniques. I overcame this with the use of 3D anatomical diagrams and textbooks. Combined with practicing with other medical students on imaginary models I realized the importance of clinical exposure and

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