Reducing Suspension And Expulsion Rate Is Important For Teachers

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In addition to reducing suspension and expulsion rates, this training is important for teachers because having high levels of challenging behaviors in their classroom can negatively affect their wellbeing. A study by Hoover, Kubicek, Rosenberg, Zundel, and Rosenberg (2012) examined if rates with which childcare providers expelled children was impacted by the provider’s access to mental health consultation. In their study, they collected survey data from 1,075 childcare program directors on how providers were affected by their student’s challenging behaviors. They found that half of preschool care providers reported that challenging behaviors had a negative impact on program directors and their staff’s well-being. They also asked childcare program directors how challenging behaviors were approached and the most common responses were “talking to/discussing with the child (27%), redirecting (23%), and time out (11%)” (Hoover et al., 2012). However, when teachers had access to mental health consultation and behavioral interventions were better able to reduce challenging behaviors in their classrooms and expelled students at a lower rate.
Theory of Planned Behavior and the Proposed Prevention Program
The current project aims to not only train preschool teachers in the Pyramid Model practices, but also to empower teachers to believe that they have the ability to impact children’s challenging behaviors in better ways than suspending or expelling them. According to both the Theory…

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