Redistribution of Income a Valid Economic Function in the American System of Government

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According to, “Income redistribution is a practice designed to level incomes across a society through the transfer of income from wealthier to poorer individuals, either directly or indirectly. Proponents of this practice argue that it promotes the development of a democratic society and addresses a number of social problems that are linked with poverty. Opponents believe that it is a form of theft, suggesting that it involves taking legitimately earned funds away from people and giving them to others. Many governments around the world practice some form of income distribution, and there are varying ways to approach it”. In my opinion, redistribution of income is a valid economic function of our American system of government …show more content…
Many of these same firms have companies in other industries, such as entertainment or retail, and a lot of the money they pay out comes back to them through these other industries. Income should certainly not vary with gender or race. These discriminatory practices are pure evidence of income inequality. Children who are born into poverty are already poor and they have no control over that. They have to work very hard with little assistance just to get to the point where a change can be made or an upgrade in class is possible. This sort of classification is attempted to be stabilized by welfare and other government money programs. Today, income redistribution occurs in some form in most democratic countries. In a progressive income tax system, a high income earner will pay a higher tax rate than a low income earner. Two common types of governmental redistribution of wealth are subsidies and vouchers (such as food stamps). These "transfer payment" programs are funded through general taxation. This income redistribution benefits the poor who pay fewer or no taxes.
How then do we find the value of work in our society? One-way, the way that is most prominent in the working world today is salaries are higher where more money is made. To say a person flipping burgers should make the same or even similar amount of money, as a corporate officer of a large firm would be incorrect according to our society’s

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