Red Cabbage Experiment Ph Level

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Research question
How does red cabbage indicate the pH Level of different types of chemicals?
A solution is a mixture of a soluble chemical dissolved in water. Think about the difference between salt water and tap water. The salt in the salt water has dissolved and the solution looks clear, but the salt is still there and will taste salty if you taste it. Because solutions are made with water, which is made of hydrogen and oxygen, the hydrogen in the water can make a solution into an acid or a base. How do you tell if something is an acid or a base? You use a chemical called an indicator, which changes in color when it goes from an acidic to basic. There are many different types of indicators, some are liquids and some are concentrated
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The test tubes that contained bases were Sodium hydroxide, substance 3 and substance 4 the substances that had a neutral pH level were substance 1 and substance 5 the test tubes that acidic liquid were Hydrochloric acid, substance 2 and substance 4. The way this was determined was by comparing it to a red cabbage indicator pH level chart which showed us the pH level and whether or not it was acidic, neutral or a base. The way the pH level was estimated was by first trying to determine what the substance was by smelling and looking at it which gives a rough idea of if its acidic or a base from there it was just a matter of trying to figure out how acidic it was which was mainly through guessing which turned out to be pretty

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