Recycling Programs Will Help Prevent Toxic Waste From Killing The Earth

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Introduction: Nearly just about any and everything can be recycled these days such as paper, plastic, glass, etc. I believe we should go green by having a program for the recycle, just to make sure everything goes to the right place. One of the things we can do in our building (Global Solutions) we can place bins in the appropriate place with each bin having a label on them.
Background: This program would be effective only if everyone is on board in the beginning phase. It’s very important to recycle and we can reduce our carbon footprint by much less just by doing this alone. I believe it’s a good idea and also good for the environment. We also can reduce operating cost as a result of saving money. E227 Global Solutions and the entire company have plans to adopt the “go green” strategies, and to reduce the company’s carbon footprint by 25% in the next year.
Statement: Recycling programs will help prevent toxic waste from killing the earth.
Sources and Methods: The types of research will be from credible online sources and also the Devry school online library.
Solution and Benefits:
One solution would be to have all the right bins labeled Red for ink cartridges, computers, and electronics. Another bin will be labeled Blue for Paper, Orange for Glass and White for Plastic or Styrofoam. These bins should be front and center in the hallways, break rooms, boardrooms, and copy rooms and also near printers.
Benefits of Recycling
• Reduces the amount of waste sent…

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