Recycling Is The Process Of Making New Products Out Of It Essay

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Recycling is the process of making new products out of already used materials. A lot of Americans love the idea and believe that the benefits of recycling out way negatives of recycling. However, other Americans hate the idea of recycling and think that the money and time could be used in other ways. It is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of continuing the recycling process. Americans need to decide if recycling is their way out of the waste management problem in the U.S. because as of 2007 the U.S. is the number one trash producing country in the world. The choice to recycle leans on your belief whether it’s beneficial to the environment or just a waste of money and time.
The benefits of recycling have been increasing since the amount of waste that Americans produce has also increased. The amount of waste a person in America makes a year is 1.5 tons and that equals up to 200 million when added to the rest of the trash made by the rest of the American population. The good thing is that 75 percent of the waste is recyclable. Everyone knows that recycling protects the environment and cuts down Global warming but many don’t know that with every new way of recycling being created there are also new jobs being created too. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has concluded that recycling jobs accounted for over 3.1 million jobs since the year 2010. Many people also don’t know that recyclable paper is made from a special type of tree so that the rate of…

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