Recruitment Of International Students And The Establishment Of Branch Campuses Impact On Higher Education

711 Words Apr 26th, 2016 3 Pages
DRAFT Special Project 2 (EDPZ6731) James Silombo, student ID Number 420178723.
ACADEMIC SUPERVISOR: Professor Anthony Welch.
Topic: How does the recruitment of international students and the establishment of branch campuses impact on higher education in Australia?
This essay presents a critical review of two issues arising from the phenomenon of Internationalisation of Higher Education (HE); namely the recruitment of international students and the development of off-shore campuses. In recent decades, Australia, in keeping with Higher Education institutions world-wide, has experienced a decrease in public funding and is increasingly adopting a neo-liberal, free-market ideology. An entrepreneurial approach to fund-raising has seen many Australian HE institutions commit resources to the recruitment of international students and the establishment of off-shore campuses. The internationalisation of higher education is a complex and contested issue (Knight, 2003, p.3). However, Knight (2004, p.11) defines internationalisation of higher education as “the process of integrating an international, intercultural, and global dimension into the purpose, functions (teaching, research, service) and the delivery of higher education”. Knight (2006) has identified the major rationales (behind the internationalisation of education as political; economic; academic and cultural/social, all of which has had a profound effect on the fiscal structures within HE…

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