Reconciliation Is The Work Of God, Reconciling The World

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Schreiter affirms, “There is no agreed upon definition of reconciliation in human societies,” because there are cases where particular contexts for which reconciliation is needed, have profound effect in the very meaning of reconciliation itself. Therefore, there are different understandings of reconciliation, the Catholic way, the Protestant way. One thing is true; reconciliation is the work of God, reconciling the world in Christ. By reviewing the model of mission in the second half of the 20th century, one can notice that it was not the most appropriate. For instance, European missions in Africa and America was nothing more than colonialism, and the conveyed idea was missionary and those receiving mission. Liberation theology brought new insights, and it is time, for missionary to talk about “walking with” instead of “walking ahead of people.” Yes, Individual and social healing is needed. And yet, reconciliation and healing, as a paradigm of mission, is presented by Schreiter, and tells us how to do mission in a changed world. He proposed that reconciliation and healing should be characteristics of mission, which has five basic points such as: 1) reconciliation as God’s work, 2) Beginning the process by healing the victim, 3) victim and wrongdoer re-born as new creation as a result of reconciliation, 4) reconciliation having a s a pattern the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus, 5) God reconcile the whole universe in Christ. All these can lead to individual

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