Reconciliation Essay - Original Writing

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Reconciliation Interrupted by the faint sounds of birds chirping and grass swaying in the gentle breeze, the calming silence became a distant memory. As the birds flapped their wings, moving at the edge of the tiny meadow, from one tree to the next, they cast their shadows over the body of a small brown skinned, black haired girl. She lay on her back in the hilltop grass, facing directly up towards the almost blinding light of the afternoon sun. Her dark skin, holding a lively warm glow, reflected the rays of sunlight off of her quickly flickering eyelids. Suddenly, they were open, revealing her dark brown almond shaped eyes and her ever so slightly off white sclera. She took in a deep and refreshing breath before using her thin arms to push herself into an upright sitting position while her legs still stayed straight pointing towards the edge of the meadow where the dark dense layer of trees resided. As she sat staring into the swinging trees her eyes readjusted to the light and she could begin to see tall and lanky figures moving around in the darkness. Pulling her body off the ground she began to feel a little lightheaded. Despite the nauseating feeling she could still draw enough energy from her body to lift her legs, taking her closer and closer to the darkness.
In a dazed and confused state, she reached the edge of the trees. Not yet in engulfed in the darkness, she lifted her left arm and slowly stretched it out in front of her, led by a single thin pointer finger.…

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