Recent Major Hacking Incidents From 2014 Or 2015 Essay

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Final Project: Recent Major Hacking Incidents

(1) Information security is a central concern of IT departments in today 's world. Vast amounts of financial resources are committed to protecting the data on PCs, servers and big iron. Even with this commitment, no solution is sure, no result guaranteed. Data is still stolen, PCs turned into zombies, and documents encrypted and held for ransom. IPSs (intrusion prevention systems) and IDSs (intrusion detection systems) do their best. Antivirus software, updated daily, is ubiquitous. But the black hats are determined and there is no stopping them. These facts are important to us because with the success that hackers have, there is no reason for them to stop trying to steal the data or hijack PCs. (Town, April 2015)

(2,3) Our project was to write a paper discussing three major hacking incidents from 2014 or 2015. We have chosen The Home Depot attack, the JPMorgan Chase attack, and the Anthem Healthcare attack as our subjects. These were chosen because of their high visibility and the sheer numbers of people potentially affected in the attacks.

Home Depot (4,5,6) In April of 2014, hackers used stolen account credentials to login to Home Depot 's network and install custom software that stole 53 million customer email addresses and information from 56 million payment cards from Home Depot stores in the United States and Canada. This particular malware had never been seen before, and was installed on Home Depot 's self checkout…

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