Essay on Recent Demoralization of Our Markets

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Recent Demoralization of Our Markets
Diana Ortega
Global Business Environment
February 10th, 2012

Recent Demoralization of Our Markets
Many have said that money cannot buy happiness, however in Santa Ana, California it can provide you with a jail cell upgrade for $90 a night, or the right to immigrate into the United States at a modest price of $500,000 (Sandel, 2012). Over the past decade, certain services and goods that were once thought to be found in the black market are now entering our market. It is as if every time our country faces a financial crisis, the market experiences a noticeable detachment from morals. Greed and unnecessary risk taking have been the prime suspects (Sandel, 2012). In Sandel’s 2012 article, What
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But this is not about the man getting paid to stand in line. It is about the other lobbyist who is still learning the tricks and working hard to get a spot in that line who cannot afford to pay another man to wait for him so he can go home to his family. It is not fair. It is cheating at its best and it is widely accepted. For decades we have been pushing the limit, creating revolutions and standing up for our rights, but no one has taught us that excess is not good. We have guidelines written for us to follow to be happy, but lately it seems like these guidelines can be broken if you can afford to buy them. For example, Kristoff writes in his article in The New York Times about a women’s charity program called Project Prevention, in which drug abusers and alcoholics are paid around $300 to get sterilized or paid to take long term contraceptives in order to prevent costs of taking care of neglected children (2012). So far 4,100 women have gone through this program (Kristoff, 2012). Although the intentions of the charity are somewhat reasonable, this should not be allowed. Women should not be bribed to give up their rights to become a mother, especially women who are not thinking straight when they are offered this service. Sterilizing addicts is not the best way to approach the problem. This sounds a lot like old America, where the mentally ill were sterilized to prevent them from having

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