Essay On A Sin To Kill A Mockingbird

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"It's a sin to kill a mockingbird." These words echo through the course of the book's development. When these words were written, the idea raises that character in the story can be defined as mockingbirds. The human activity of being a Mockingbird is being pure of spirit, kind, and reliable, this based off the actual actions of a mockingbird; they only make beautiful music for the world to enjoy, they cause no pain and no suffering for the creatures of this Earth. Looking through the narrative, one could find out the best candidates: Atticus Finch, Tom Robinson, and Arthur "Boo" Radley.

Throughout the story Atticus Finch has been an honest, thinking man who does his best to beat up his kids to have good ethics and values to communicate them
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Tom allegedly raped Mayella Ewell, a white, low class woman. Tom was a cripple. He had no feeling in his arm, having only one usable for him. He had a very simple life. Tom walked past the Ewell's to the area that he worked. Once in a while, Mayella would see him and ask him to do quick tasks for him in return for money. He would never accept and thought it was only paying enough to assist a lady. He performed the chore and left, every single time. But, Mayella claimed to the police that Tom Robinson raped her after completing a job for her. Despite there being little evidence to prove this. Tom is convict and lost in court case even with Atticus Finch defending him. He never expected to be free. He understood the segregation and recognized that as soon as Mayella opened her mouth, the case was over. He, even so, was an honest, kind man who went to Church, had kids of his own, and lived and honest life working on plantation. He was wrongly charged. He went away to prison where he was later shot while trying to get away, all because of segregation in the south. Mr. Heck Tate compared him to a mockingbird in the book. Because of his purity and because of him being a cripple, he would have escaped if not for his crippled arm. This combined proves that he is a mockingbird. He is undoubtedly honest. Because of the bias and segregation in the south, he was incorrectly sent to his …show more content…
Little was known to the general public about him. Yet, many rumors had spread around him doing mischievous and gruesome things. It is thought he was jailed under a church for his misdeeds: swearing, drinking, making trouble, he was a brat. However, this was never proven, in fact, it was entirely fake. Mrs. Maudie told Scout that Arthur was a kind young man who got up very polite, he just didn't want to come out. All he wanted to do was keeping to himself, nothing about him was evil. For this he is a mockingbird. It's later found out that he is a kind man. He put a blanket on Scout as she stood in the coke and he carried Jem to safety after he is lash out by Bob Ewell. All he did was help people, he answered nothing but hold on to himself and for this he is a mockingbird. The rumors against him are totally untrue. Curiosity got the better of them. They lied to themselves than they could accept an alibi for his absence from daily life in Maycomb. In the final stage, he was a normal, fair, good natured man who did nothing

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