Essay about Reasons For Regulating The Fast Food Industry

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The dawn of fast food chains has served more than half of the world since the early 1950’s, serving an image as a dependable food source for quick meals. However, it wasn’t until decades later that critics debate on the negative impacts the fast food industry has on public consumers, including health risks, nutrition value and description, portions, and methods of preparation. This enraged food organizations associated with the government, such as the FDA, to take action and start straightening out the entire fast food industry. The government and food organizations should regulate the fast food industry because of the people’s lives at risk from unhealthy foods and bad preparation.
The reasons for regulating the fast food industry are pretty obvious to most consumers. There should be less trans fat added, healthier options for those who crave it, moderate portions at the right price, and delicate and correct preparation. But what about the reasons behind the way food is created in fast food chains and how it affects us? According to writer Kelly B. Brownwell, at PLOS medicine, fast food industries have gone out of their way in experimenting foods for better quality, taste, and effect. However, that’s not the case, as it should be regulated. She says, “An emerging area in need of scrutiny is the food industry 's attempts to create foods engineered in ways that thwart the human body 's ability to regulate calorie intake and weight. Whether overconsumption is a consequence…

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