Reasonable Accommodations For Employees With Mental Disabilities: Article Analysis

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Jans, L.H., Kaye, H.S., & Jones, E.C. (2012). Getting hired: Successfully employed people with disabilities offer advice on disclosure, interviewing, and job search. Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation, 22(2), 155-156.

Many people with disabilities face employment barriers that prevent them from finding a job. In the article, “Getting Hired: Successfully Employed People with Disabilities Offer Advice on Disclosure, Interviewing, and Job Search,” individuals with disabilities are informed on when to inform the employer of their disability. Also, this article presents information on how to get hired and provides interview strategies to help emphasize their strengths. This article gathered qualitative data from 41 successfully employed people
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(1996). Reasonable accommodation for employees with mental disabilities: A mandate for effective supervision?. Behavioral Sciences and Law. 14, 107-120.

The article, “Reasonable Accommodations for Employees with Mental Disabilities: A Mandate for Effective Supervision?” discusses how people with mental disabilities need accommodations for employment opportunities in the same way that people with physical disabilities do. People with disabilities are guaranteed this because Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates that employers provide accommodations for prospective and current employees in the workplace so that they can provide the essential functions of their jobs.
In the article, it states the differences in accommodations that are needed for people with physical disabilities and mental disabilities. Structural modifications are generally made for persons with physical disabilities, whereas the managerial and social environments must be modified for those people with mental
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It seeks to identify and reinforce successful work performance. This is different from most management systems in that it doesn’t only address situations when things are going wrong. Instead, it systematically identifies and reinforces successful work behaviors, as well as the work environments they occur in. Performance management also offers ways to provide accommodations for people with mental disabilities. These accommodations are a broad step to help with productivity, tenure, and job satisfaction for all employees. Overall, this management system not only helps people with mental disabilities, but it strives to help all

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