Reason You Regret Your Decision To Buy Nokia X Android Phones Case Study

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Reason You Regret Your decision to buy Nokia X Android phones
Nokia is the name in the mobile phone industry which took the lead in the early years when the gadget actually came to the light. After spending several years as a king in the market, the name of Nokia somehow disappeared, despite of the fat it didn’t leave the industry the name was not heard much.
However, even after being removed from the limelight Nokia didn’t stop working hard and launched a number of phones that were more or less competent to the Smartphone of today. However, the knowledge and expertise of Nokia in the context of smartphone still needs some polishing and that is the major reason people do tend to regret on buying Nokia X android phones. A few of the reasons
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The applications you download from Google Play are capable of being considered reliable however; you can’t simply rely over a third part as you never know anything about it. Therefore, Nokia X comes with a high chance to be suspected with malware.
Android Software
The Nokia X is currently working on an Android version that is already three generations old and in the same way the chances to update with time and on time are also very dull. The phone might not update with the passage of time and users might find it difficult to cope up as compared to the other android phones regretting the purchase.
Lack of Hardware Capabilities
The hardware of the Nokia X is also not up to the mark as required by a smartphone by the end of the android. The phone lacks a lot of capabilities in terms of its storage and functioning and these issues are definitely bothersome for the users as well. Downloading a lot of applications and using them all smoothly is never a way out in Nokia X.
Better Options
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However, when it comes to the front camera no such thing exists and taking a selfie is never a choice with this kind of phone.
Lack of Google Services
Not everyone is fond of outlook and in that case all you need is to have Gmail, for Gmail you need Google and the services are not being provided in the Nokia X. this lacking on the part of Nokia actually disrupts the usage and people regret purchasing this device.
Uncertain Future
Right after the acquisition of the Nokia by Microsoft the chances of the phone to continue for a longer period of time are very less. There seems no point for Microsoft to continue the production and in this case it is better not to invest money on something that has no certain future. Such phones usually make you lose the worth of your investment and there tends to be no resale.
No Position in the Market
As compared to the other smartphone the position of the Nokia X is very ambiguous and it is sandwiched between other several phones that are performing very well. This lack of status on the part of the Nokia X might be a feature that usually makes people reluctant on the

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