Explain How Samsung Smartphones Changed The World

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How the Samsung Smartphones changed the world

Nowadays, smartphones have become part of people’s day to day lives and have impacted all aspects of life. From Board rooms of companies to kitchens in family homes, they can be found mostly everywhere with almost everyone. From construction workers working on a building viewing blueprints to doctors viewing patient files or even parents using it to quieten their children at restaurants (Kelly, 2012). Till 2013 approximately 967.78 million smartphones have been sold worldwide (statista, 2013) and out of those around 213 million of them were Samsung smartphones. This shows that of all the smartphone sales containing countless smartphones, 22% of them were Samsung smartphones (Shaugnessy, 2013)
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The Samsung Grand is a less advanced product and has fewer applications than the Galaxy. However it also has a plus point of giving the feature of a dual sim.

However Samsung smartphones has its pros and cons.
Samsung has adapted and advanced accordingly to how the current market is progressing. One of the pros in the new Samsung Galaxy S5 is that it is waterproof and has long lasting battery life. Overall it is much more durable and technologically advanced than its predecessor, memory can also be expanded (not available in iPhone).

Another advantage of the Samsung smartphone is that it has a much better app store than other smartphone app stores. It gives many of the apps for free which other app stores may not do. It has a wider free variety of apps to offer to its loyal customers. Such as the app for maps available on the Samsung app store is much advanced and reliable than the maps available on the iOS store.

There are many different types of smartphones in the categories mentioned above, that helps Samsung’s customers choose and decide from its variety so the consumer can be satisfied and happy from the product they
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and its few Its camera does not function very well in low light, although it is a 13mp camera it requires abundance of light to capture a good image.

The smartphones do not include FM radio which is a disadvantage for some. The screen is not as durable and can be damaged fairly easily.

Samsung has been blamed by other organizations for plagiarizing their ideas in their products. In 2013, it was involved in a lawsuit with Apple which blamed Samsung of imitating softwares such as Siri, face recognition and many other applications. However they had to pay a hefty fine to Apple and the case was resolved (Kane and Sherr, 2014) (CNET, 2014).

Samsung found its way into the market by commercializing and through advertisement. Samsung has spent widely on advertising on most of their smartphones like the S5 and Note 3. They try to attract their customers by advertising through forms of media like brochures, videos, photos etc. Their most popular method of marketing is celebrity endorsements where Samsung was successful in landing contracts with stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, LeBron James and many others (Phones.co.uk,

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