Realism, Realism And Expressionism Essay

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There are many movements in theatre originating from 3000 B.C. to movements that are happening in theatre today. Two that I would like to focus on are polar opposites and are both extremely influential; realism and expressionism. Realism was the first to make an appearance, it strives to follow scenic unity and have the audience connect with the relatable characters. Expressionism however, develops the play based on the emotions and the psyche of the protagonist. I have decided to put these two vastly different movements side by side to see exactly how they differ in set design. Realism incorporates very authentic and practical set design, whereas expressionism is commonly asymmetrical, misshapen, and contorted. These two different movements have had their own impact on history, with realism setting the stage for many productions, and expressionism to influence numerous films. Realism was a radical step in the movements of theatre. In the couple hundred years before realism had taken off it, Shakespeare began his journey into playwriting, the first Playhouse in New York had opened, and eventually in 1825 the “well made play” made its first appearance. And finally, the movement of realism arose in the mid 1800’s. Theatre in the past was for the most part tame, Greek tragedies were the most absurd things had happened on the stage. In realist theatre,
“the performative operations in the staging of the illusion of ‘everyday’ reality acquire an equally dissociative…

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