Realism, Liberalism And Constructivism And How They Help Us Address Europe 's Refugee Crisis

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Realism, Liberalism and Constructivism and how they help Us Address Europe’s Refugee Crisis and other Humanitarian Crisis Syrian refugees, among refugees from other conflict areas, continue to pour into European countries at a level which has been the biggest driver labeling this mass migration as a crisis for the continent. Because of the crisis, the EU is seen as a divided international organization as it tries to countries struggles to cope with the large influx of refugees. Three schools of International Relations come into play in how to address the challenges that come about in the refugee crisis in Europe. These paradigms help explain the problem as well as opportunities to address these challenges. First, there is the realist school, which emphasizes security and balance of power. Next, is liberalism, which also looks at the state as the unit of analysis as realism does but tends to reject many realist ideas, and instead concentrates on the interactions of states and international organizations working together for mutual gain. Thirdly, the constructivists see idea, norms and identities as the key elements in how we view international relationships and world ideas. For the duration of this analysis, the term state is defined as a geographic location where there is a society among whom there is a governing body present; primarily, a country will fit this definition. In this analysis, I will look at all three of these paradigms and how each can be useful in addressing…

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