Reading Writing And Writing English Essay example

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Coming to America was terrifying for me. It was a new place to learn new things. The most important thing I was concerned about was reading and writing in english. I knew if I failed to learn how to read and write in english I would not make it in america. It was very crucial for me to learn so when I was in Elementary school in Hampton, there was a school that had this program called ESL. It stands for English Second Language. I was so nervous, I thought other students would tease me on how I had a heavy accent and can only write in arabic. When I entered the class, the students were all different kind of race. Mexican, Russian, and German etc, I did not know half these races existed until I entered the class. I felt more calm there when I saw other muslims in my class. I immediately advanced in math but reading and writing english was a slower process. We first learned the alphabet and I thought I could never remember twenty-six letters. Especially since arabic and english alphabets were so completely different it was very challenging for me. I start getting one on one help and it made learning reading and writing easier. The books that help me read was Dr.Seuss’s books and the first thing we learned to write was our first and last name. I was feeling more confident and enjoy learning english. I start reading and writing outside of school. Everything I saw I read it out loud and I start writing a journal. English got so much easier and my heavy accent start fading away…

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