Reading The Material On Zines Essay

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After reading the material on Zines, one was able to learn and understand the concept of zines and what they mean culturally and socially. In chapter eight, the author discusses how young people will make their own magazines when they can not find an established magazine to submit their writings or art into. The younger generations have a need to see their reflection in the media, so they will seek out zines, lyrical writings and electronic text that they feel speaks to them. When a young person cannot find a text that suits themselves, they will make their own literary zine and make their presence be known. Zines, which are a type of magazine, are small self published booklets that have material contributed from amature artist and writers. Zines will often refer to theses contributors as zinesters. (Guzzetti, 69). One has read many zines and have contributed some work, such as poetry to them. One zines that one has read countless times is the Muse. The Muse is a local zine that features artists, local musicians and writers who have no other way of getting their work scene or heard. The monthly issue usually comes with which is filled with the latest local musicians. This zine helps others who can 't do for themselves. One has submitted poetry to them before, and the submission process is completely free. Though one does not get paid for contributing their art, they do get free publicity and readership. One would believe that most zine would be like this. Whether…

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