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Book: The Feiner Points of Leadership by Michael Feiner

The Feiner Points of Leadership is one of the interesting and application oriented books I have read. I would recommend the book to my friends and colleagues who aspire to be a good leader. This book should be read by all the leaders and managers to be successful. It exemplifies some of the important skills manager or leader should practice at the same time it explains the mistakes one should avoid being a successful and effective leader. Michael Feiner’s experience in PepsiCo, given examples and instances in his tenure makes it easier to understand the facts in detail. These examples also helps retain all the points and laws explained in the book.
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He believed that I was able to manage all the work well and that helped me work had and prove him.
I have heard many times that good leader is who treat people in a same manner. But in this book, Michael Feiner’s explanation made it clear that all the people are different and they expect to be treated differently. This can be achieved by watching and listening people and experimenting different approaches on them.
Book not only talks about how to motivate subordinated but also explains how to handle uncomfortable situation such as providing any necessary message to take tough decisions about subordinate. Such situations are not often but sometimes they can be tough to handle. Authors own experiences help you understand the way to manage such circumstances.
Leading bosses part of the book starts with very interesting sub title that, never treat your boss like bumbling fool which is very true to many people. As bosses are the one who controls one’s career; pay, promotions and work one have to do, having a good relationship with bosses is important leadership quality. Unpleasant relationship with the boss can be demoralizing. Main issue with the bad boss is not to have them but to handle them. Developing relationship with the boss irrespective of good or bad only depends on you. Knowing your boss well can be helpful to you. Having good relationship with the boss is not only about following the orders but it is also about conveying the message about any things

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