Malcom X: The Assassination Of Malcolm X

I don’t know much about Malcolm X, but I was given little of his past childhood, some of his criminal life, his change from prison, and his assassination. His past is a hard time before his death. His childhood last name was Malcolm Little before he changed his last name to Malcolm X. He is a Negro, but his skin is light because his mother has a light skin, but was rape by a white man that cause his skin. His father was a preacher and either anyone knows or not, but during Malcolm age of 6 or 7, his house was burn down and gunfire by the KKK, A.K.A the Ku Klux Klan, because the KKK don’t like colored people. His life turned worse because he and his family had been treated like they were trash since they move from city to city. His father, however, changed, or as MX stated brainwash, by KKK to treated only whites and since MX has a light skin, he was treated fairly. MX’s behavior became a little more of criminal, but not a fully yet. His father had got into an “accident” where he head has an injury, then thrown into the trolley track and died. His mother was a state of depressed of her husband death, leaving her …show more content…
Malcolm changed a lot from his time in prison thanks to a black man that help him understand and know more about his black culture that the white devils had hidden for years. Malcolm X was inspired because of the important word by the reading from prison, but also by a man named Elijah Muhammad. Malcolm X had a goal and his goal was for blacks to have civil rights to set up their own schools, churches, and support networks. Malcolm became a leading man and spokesman of the Black Muslim since Elijah Muhammad recognized his talents. Malcolm X had denied the white society, but he wants to create the bonds of understanding between both races. All of the blacks are not too keen about this and so were the whites, but MX have to do everything he can by any means

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