Rationale Of The Real Risk Factors That We Face As We Look At Childhood Obesity

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Rationale of Study:
The logical rationale of this study is to reveal the real risk factors that we face as we look at Childhood Obesity.
Introduction (cont’d)
The root cause to many of the attributes toward obesity are the artificial colors such as Yellow #5, Red #40 and Yellow #6 that are in Fritos Flaming Hot’s and other detrimental foods that are harmful to the young delicate bodies of children and youth. It is imperative thesis will discuss the rationale further so that the reader may understand the grounds on why the rationale is important to discuss.
Scope of the Study
The agriscope of this study propels city youth to become urban agriculturalist and nutritionist on a small scale. The effectiveness of this study can be proven by the works of George Washington Carver and my grandparents who scoped out a few acres of land back in the 1900,s and now we the descendants continue to maintain the farm in Forrest City/Widener, Arkansas. The extent of range of agriculture in the Community and School garden must be quite diversified, similar to what we grew down south. We grew our own peaches, pears, plums, and apples, along with acres of cotton, corn and soybean, vegetable patches of collard, turnips, and mustard greens; kale, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, zucchini and many other fruits and vegetable. We were taught how to preserve fruits in the jar as well. Young students today need to be taught these same concepts as well, which will effectively encourage them to have…

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