Essay about Rational Emotive Therapy And Religion

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Rational Emotive Therapy and Religion
There seems to be numerous studies on Rational Emotive Therapy and religion. This is a controversial connection for some people, but I have found it to be an interesting practice to tie into counseling from a spiritual perspective. Those who do not believe in religious ideals discredit spirituality, but still believe Rational Emotive Therapy can be effective for those who practice religion. “Warnock (1989) has noted that religious practices and beliefs can be at the root of or can exacerbate psychological disturbances. The irrational beliefs of religious clients are likely to be the product of both distortions of reality and biblical teaching. Therefore, effective ret with such clients would be enhanced by therapeutic use of scriptural example in the con-frontation of client’s irrational beliefs (Johnson, 1992).” (W. Brad Johnson, 131)
Rational Emotive Therapy and Pastoral Counseling
I understand that there is a difference between Rational Emotive Therapy and Pastoral Counseling, which is essential to understand as I enter into Christian counseling in the future. “Pastoral counseling is an interdisciplinary function bridging psychology, theology, and ethics in the relationship between the counselor and client. The pastoral counselor observes, understands, and interprets the psychological, religious, and moral dimensions of the ongoing process through psychological, theological, and ethical frames of reference.” (West & Reynolds,…

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