Rational Drug Discovery For The Pharmaceutical World Essay

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Rational Drug Discovery Drug companies are continuously discovering new compounds to add to the pharmaceutical world. Rational drug discovery, or drug design, has provided a great advantage to finding new medications compared to older methods of discovery. With years of guesstimating and predicting how to create the perfect prescription, drugs have been identified in numerous ways. Drugs have been discovered and named through multiple encounters of trial-and-error or with simple luck. Thorough comparisons, predictions, multiple encounters of trial-and-error all compile to complete the complicated phases of rational drug discovery. Rational drug discovery is rather known as drug design, which is the process of finding new medications based on the knowledge of a biological test(wiseGEEK). The name given for this procedure basically explains itself. Each type of drug consists of ten different codes, but is generally given at least three different names, which are either chemical or commercial brand labels(Popular Science). The specific codes include possess various meanings, which range from new molecular entity, ingredients, dosages, combinations, etc(FDA). All names given to a drug generally depend on the structure, function, and molecular model of the drugs(Popular Science). Typically the commercial name is rather more memorable than a generic or chemical name assigned to certain drugs. We assume the name of the first drug ever created must be particularly simple compared…

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