Animal Testing: The Dangers Of The Animal Welfare Act

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Imagine having the choice of life or death left in your hands alone. On one end, there is a rat, who is energetically running to find a hiding spot from the broom sweeping across the floor. On the other end, there is a stay-at-home mom, jumped up on the table, violently stabbing at the rat in attempts to scare it away from her. One of them will die. Most people would choose to save the stay-at-home mother with three children and not have a guilty thought cross their mind. But what if the rat died for a purpose? What if scientists were able to gain access to this rat, and it lead to the discovery of a vaccine for AIDS or even cancer?

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The Animal Welfare Act has many loopholes and is, moreover, a weak legislation. Surprisingly, rats, mice, birds and cold-blooded creatures, which make up nearly 99% of tested animals in the US, are unprotected by the Animal Welfare Act, according to statistics from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Furthermore, the legislation does not completely protect the included animals from abusive practices, because these federal laws are not well-enforced. In 2012 and 2013, the USDA found the Yerkes Primate Center non-compliant on the negligent deaths of three monkeys. In a routine inspection on July 19, 2012, the USDA investigated the death of two monkeys who suffered fatal wounds after being placed in the incorrect enclosure and another monkey euthanized after a rubber band became embedded in the monkey’s wrist. Still, the Yerkes Primate Center was not fined. As demonstrated by this case, potential violation has little risk to any corporation. Animal cruelty legislation requires the use of analgesics during painful testing. Furthermore, the FDA Drug Approval Process requires animal testing on potential drugs. But, does this follow the moral guidelines of the business

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