Rape Myths : Rape And The Justice System Essay

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Rape myths are attitudes and generally false beliefs about rape that are widely and persistently held. These myths serve to deny and justify male sexual aggression against women. In the book Missoula: Rape and The Justice System in a College Town by Jon Krakauer common rape myths are discussed in depth; these rape myths include: victims are strictly female, rape is not a common occurrence, and if a girl is raped she will report the crime when it occurs. These things are just utterly untrue. Although there are exceptions to all of these myths, these should not be widely accepted in today 's society. Rape myths are fabricated, untrue, false understandings of this horrible crimes.
When most people hear the word rape, they do not imagine a man being the victim. But men are raped and sexually assaulted also. In fact “[A] CDC report … estimated that approximately two and a half million American men alive today will be raped in their lifetimes, 1.7 percent of the male population” (XIV). This means that a man in college is more likely to be raped than a man in prison. This myth about male rape is an important myth to correct because many people believe that men can’t be raped, making victims of male rape to feel alone or isolated. Although the numbers barely compare to the amount of women who are raped in their lifetimes, these male victims still exist. If more people knew the statistics, it is possible that more men that have been raped or sexually assaulted will prosecute their…

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