The Repercussions Of Sexual Assault In A Skewed Society Essay

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The Repercussions of Sexual Assault In a Skewed Society There 's no denying that sexual assault has always existed and will continue on as long as the consequences are remote. That is why it is baffling that even now in the 21st century, the jurisdiction for such a crime is a joke with little to no repercussion and justice for the victim. On the contrary, the law enforcement in the United States tends to favor the sexual predator in favor of social class, gender and race. This bias neglects the victim and as a result undermining them to feel at fault and helpless. In a survey carried out by the Association of American Universities, from the 779,072 participants, more than 50% of victims that had experienced rape did not report it …show more content…
Such an occurrence is all to common in the United States with what is known as victimization and victim blaming. Victim blaming is exactly what is sounds like; when a victim is accused of being at fault by the crowd and by the law enforcement. Whether this be because of petty reasons, or logical reasons, victim blaming is never the correct thing to do and leads to the United States society of rape culture. This leads me to the question as to why it is important to society that we change such a faulty system. To start, the concept of victim blaming, which can be traced back as far as the 1970 's is a subtle type of exploitation that can cause victims of sexual assault to consequentially not report their crime due to unfair outcomes, or even no outcomes at all. The action of an unreported crime can lead to a domino effect of reoccurring assault, faulty crime statistics and it may lead offenders to believe that violation of the law has minor backlash. On top of legal repercussions, victim blaming …show more content…
On the other side of the issue exists the compulsion carried out by the people who commit the crime of rape, because according to a the article, “A Longitudinal Examination of Male College Students’ Perpetration of Sexual Assault”, authors Atonia Abbey and Pam McAuslan reported that 9% of college males admitted to the legal definition or rape, along with have had attempted rape in the past (Abbey & McAuslaun, 2004, P.72, 05). So what causes this behavior among men, is it purely a physical desire or is it the theory that they are subliminally socialized into the rape acceptance culture by their family, peers and the media. To further explain my analysis, in his works, “Social Norms and the Likelihood of Raping: Perceived Rape Myth Acceptance of Others Affects Men’s Rape Proclivity” Researcher and Professor Gerd Bohner discusses the multiple causes for violence against women. His first theory is rape myths, which are a set of beliefs that are thought to allow men to justify their sexual aggression towards women. He examines if men 's rape proclivity(or rape predisposition) may be influenced not only by their own individual definition of rape myths but also by beliefs held by his social circle; that they might indirectly contribute to sexual violence by creating excuses for the rapist’s actions. Bohner carried out an

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