Rape Culture And Its Effect On Society Essay

849 Words Dec 7th, 2016 4 Pages
Although so much has changed and improved in rape culture, there is still so much growing that still needs to occur. Far too often, the victim blames his or herself. Regardless of the amount of clothing they were wearing, or if they were voluntarily on a date with the person, or if they were drunk, it is never the victim’s fault. This was very hard for me to understand, and over the past two years, my mind has been flooded with many contradictory thoughts.

Was I raped?
Of course not. You voluntarily drove to that college party as a 17 year old.
Yeah, I guess. But I was severely depressed.
Okay, that’s true, but you know very well that you were crushing on him.
That gave him no right to get me drunk and do all of those things to me.
Well, then why the hell would you go to a party at a college if you weren’t going to drink? That’s stupid.
Obviously I drank and was initially okay with it, but it was my first time. I was tipsy after the two bottles of beer he gave me and that was enough for me.
Then why did you do a shot contest with that other girl?
I don’t know. I won, though. See, look at that. Pretty damn proud of yourself, huh? Not at all. There was a crowd around us cheering and he was there pouring the shots. How was I supposed to say no? Um, I don’t know, maybe just say no? It wouldn’t have been that easy. I was always known as the good girl. People were already mind-blown by the fact that I was even there. He was pushing me to do it. They would’ve taunted me so…

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