Essay on Rap Music - Original Writing

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"You 're either an idiot or you 're purposely choosing to use the law to punish people because you 've already assumed that the person is guilty" (Killer Mike). People today are becoming prejudice against the genre, rap. They don 't understand it. The earliest type of music classified as rap began many years ago in Africa, with the griots, storytellers who tell tales of their experiences or those of the village. It started when one of these griots started telling his story with music playing; this in its form is rap in its most rudimentary form. Many years later in New York, two DJs who were tired of the old style disco ball started spinning disks and are now titled the fathers of rap. Gangsta rap came around when two groups had a rivalry, the east coast and the west coast. Then, a rapper and also former gang member started rapping to bring together the youth ghetto kids in his neighborhood. Along with the rising of the new genre of music came the form of a new art with it, graffiti art. These are how the popular genre of rap came into being. (Joann Wood) Rap lyrics should not be used as evidence in a criminal case. The first reason why we shouldn 't limit rappers ' way of speech is that the first amendment gives artists and authors freedom of expression, or speech. This means a rapper can write lyrics, publish them, and sing them, just as an author can write and publish a book or article. A country music songwriter named Johnny Cash wrote "I Shot A MAn In Reno Just to…

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