Rap Music And Its Effects On The Lives Of People Essay

2500 Words Nov 29th, 2016 10 Pages
Rap lyrics have continuously made a large impact on the lives of people living in the North American ghettos in both positive and negative ways. Rap music, intrinsically has generally created a positive base to which people of the North American ghetto can relate and express their feelings and values towards things like mainstream culture. Kubrin refers to rap music as “The CNN for black America” (2005), it keeps the nation updated with the struggles of the ghetto. Although the notion of rap music being something that has been put out to ultimately represent these communities sometimes plays a complicated role in putting out honest and truthful representations of these communities, rap including gangsta rap and drill music often contains over exaggeration of the situational positions that these people live in. The ultimate goal that rappers try to aim towards through creating rap music is not to make a lot of money, but to explain their perceptions. Rappers and Drill artists tend to focus on suffering, and the struggles they have undergone either to become successful as they are now, or the suffering they are currently going through to aim towards becoming successful, and the suffering their families and their people continue to face (Kubrin, 2005). The depiction of rap music has an overall negative image of marginalized/racialized groups through which they become even further marginalized, thus creating an image, some from the North American ghetto, believe…

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